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A local landmark
with a family history
only gets better!

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National Sporting Goods store
National Sporting Goods dates back to 1950 at its present location, and began life as Daugherty's Sporting Goods.  The name was changed in 1960 to National Sporting Goods as a reference to the original use of the building — National Bank of Jersey Shore — (hence the vault in the store.)  

The new owners, Adam and Karyn Kordes, purchased the store in 2009, with quite an interesting background and history.

Adam's wife Karyn's great-great-grandfather Roy Lomison, was the store owner who changed the name to National Sporting Goods in 1960.  Roy sold the business to his son, David Lomison in 1972, and that is who Adam bought the store from in 2009.  Although quite a stretch, it technically is still in the family!

Adam and Karyn purchased the store with the goal "to keep it the same old shop it always was."
Obviously there have been some updates throughout the years (especially the latest extensive beautiful remodeling and cabinetry work), but the reputation of the store has always been great inventory, great prices and great service with no exception.  

If we can keep it simple and stick to that ideal, things will only get better!

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